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Last updated: 09.06.2021

Terms of Use for

  • By using, you accept the current terms of use.

How works

  • is a free service that connects users with selected firms.
  • By filling out the form on, you inform the firms of your needs. Afterwards, you will receive offers from up to three firms.
  • Shortly after submitting the form, you will be contacted by up to three firms, either by phone, email or SMS. Hereafter, the contact takes place directly between you and the broker/firm.
  • If you want your request to be deleted or removed from the service, contact


  • It is not allowed to pretend to have any connection to or our partners, either to the public or to specific recipients, without reason. All suppliers who collaborate with us have signed written agreements.
  • It is not allowed to access, or attempt to access, non-public parts of It is also not allowed to access other users' information, for example through hacking.
  • It is not allowed to use, or attempt to use, for spreading viruses, "trojan horses," or other harmful code intended to acquire and/or copy other users' information or other non-public information.
  • It is not allowed to negatively affect other users' ability to use
  • It is not allowed to impersonate another physical person, or falsely claim to be acting on behalf of other physical or legal persons.
  • In cases where there is suspicion of actions that go against good practice, such as false or misleading inquiries, reserves the right to suspend the service for the user in question.

Liability and relationship to suppliers

  • is only involved in facilitating contact between users and suppliers. Therefore, is not involved in the preparation of offers, or the services that the offers pertain to.
  • The relevant firms are independent of, and we cannot guarantee that the relevant suppliers will actually contact the customer with an offer.
  • The use of is at the user's own risk. Agreements entered into between the customer and the supplier, and their content, are irrelevant to is not responsible for the implementation, quality, or legality of the agreement, or its suitability for the intended purpose. is also not responsible for compliance with agreed delivery times, or any losses that the user may suffer as a result of the agreement with the supplier or any mistakes made by the supplier. However, strives to only work with serious and reliable actors. Furthermore, suppliers who do not follow up on agreed-upon agreements or who do not meet the quality and reliability standards set by are excluded.
  • collaborates with selected, independentfirms. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the offers are the best or cheapest on the market.
  • is not responsible for non-fulfillment of its obligations if the failure can be attributed to force majeure. Circumstances beyond's control, and which could not have foreseen at the time of entering into the agreement, are considered force majeure. The disclaimer of liability remains in effect as long as the unforeseen events persist. Examples of force majeure are natural disasters or exceptional natural conditions, terrorism, fire, floods, vandalism, labor disputes, general scarcity of goods, currency or import restrictions, or outbreaks of a contagious disease to such an extent that it affects's ability to fulfill its obligations. This also applies to defects or delays from any subcontractors or other third parties.
  • is not responsible on behalf of the user or the supplier for the tax and fiscal matters that may arise from the use of This includes taxes, VAT, and/or other fees related to the supplier's services and the customer's payment.

Immaterial rights

  • These terms and conditions relate to the use of the online service and its owner, Marketplace AS. The immaterial rights associated with the service, including the name "" and "Marketplace", the internet domain "", trademarks in the form of figurative and word marks, copyright to material on the website and more, belong to Marketplace AS. The use of does not entitle users or third parties to any form of commercial use of these immaterial rights.
  • The use of also does not provide a license to use third-party (including supplier) immaterial rights, including but not limited to, copyright, trademarks and design rights. is not responsible for any unauthorized use of these rights.


  • All communication with is conducted electronically.
  • Users are not automatically subscribed to any newsletters when using the service.


  • reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Continued use of after such changes are implemented constitutes acceptance of the amended terms. 
  • The date of the last update of the terms and conditions is stated at the top of this page.

Law and disputes

  • All use of and any disputes that may arise as a result of this are subject to Norwegian law.
  • Disputes that may arise from the use of should be sought to be resolved amicably. If this is not possible, the dispute can be brought before the courts. Oslo tingrett is agreed as the venue.


  • Privacy is very important to us. You as a user should be confident that the information you provide will not be used for anything other than what you have given consent for, and that it is kept secure.
  • The information you provide will only be sent to relevant vendors who can provide services to your address.

Collection and use of data

  • The data you provide corresponds to the minimum that the vendors require in order to give you specific offers based on your needs. They will not be used for anything other than providing you with such offers, in a reasonable time-limited period. This period is based on your choices and preferences for communication and time frame, in addition to the necessary administrative work related to this.
  • The data is processed by us, in addition to the relevant vendors.
  • Personal information about you shall only be processed for lawful purposes and will be deleted or anonymized when we no longer have a basis for processing them.
  • We shall ensure that personal information about you is adequately protected.

Your rights

  • Access - You have the right to access the information we store and/or process about you.
  • Correction - You can correct any incorrect information about you.
  • Deletion - You can request that your data be deleted from our records.
  • Limitation/Objection - You have the right to withdraw your consent to data processing and to limit or object to data processing.
  • Complaint - You have the right to complain to the relevant supervisory authority about the processing of personal information (Norwegian Data Protection Authority).
  • Transfer - You have the right to have the data stored about you transferred.

Use of email

  • We dislike spam as much as anyone else. Therefore, we only send you one single email when you use our service - a message confirming that the form submission worked as it should.
  • The email includes a list of the relevant suppliers who are competing to give you the best offer based on your needs and location. The email may also include tips on various preparations you can make, as well as information on other relevant services you may be interested in.
  • You don't need to do anything to avoid further emails from us. Therefore, we ask you not to mark the email as spam because it can prevent our confirmation email from reaching you or other users.


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